FotoBooth Software Guide

Foto ATM Hardware Assembly Instructional Video

Foto ATM Hardware Instructional Video

Table of Contents

Section 1.1: Kiosks

1. Add New Kiosk
Add new kiosks here.  To add a new kiosk, enter the serial number on the screen of the kiosk when launching the Foto ATM app. 

2. Kiosk Card
This card displays the kiosk name and general global data.  At the top of each kiosk card is a serial number corresponding to the matching kiosk.

3. Edit
This button will navigate to the kiosk edit card.  See edit card instructions below.

4. Reset Media
When you change printer media, reset the print counter based on the default prints for your printer.  The default print counter is 700 for DNP RX1 and 500 for Primera IP60.

Section 1.2: Kiosk Cards

1. Name
Choose an easy to remember name for the kiosk.  Usually, you will pick the location the kiosk is placed at, such as Vaughn’s Pub or Avalon Banquets.

2. Event
Kiosk must be assigned to an event to display the photo booth arcade.  Until you assign an event, the kiosk will continue to display the serial number.  You can assign different events to different kiosks here.  This is also useful for changing event information and logos on one kiosk. 

3. Texting
Each kiosk will have its own number associated with it. Here you will purchase a phone number for event cards.  The phone number is used for texting media to guests and uploading photos from mobile printing.

4. Country
Select your corresponding country for local number purchases.  Currently, we support the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

5. Attached Hardware
Foto ATM kiosks integrate with Nayax card readers.  For the reader to communicate with the app, the card reader serial number needs to be entered here.  The serial number is on the back of the card reader, located behind the cable plate.  Nayax readers have serial numbers that begin with “04.”  Do not enter the first “0” in the number here.  Begin the serial number with “4”, so that your serial number looks like this: 404044718535147

6. Prints Remaining
This is the number of prints remaining for the corresponding kiosk.  You will receive email alerts with the media is low.

7. Kiosk Location
Enter the city, state, and country of your kiosk.

Section 2.1: Events

1. New Event
Click here to add a new event to the event dashboard.  You can add unlimited events to this dashboard.

2. Edit
Click here to edit the event information.

3. Photos
This links to an automatically generated online photo gallery.  You can share this link with clients to see a photo recap of the event.  

Section 2.2: Event Cards

1. Name
Enter a name for the event here.

2. Display Mode
Choose between Arcade Mode and Apps mode.  Apps mode is not functional yet but we have provided a preview of the UI to see where we are headed. For best results, leave the display mode in “Arcade Mode.”

3. Mobile Upload
Choose a custom name for the event mobile upload URL here.  Note* There must be a name chosen to save a new event.

4. Global Logo
Upload a logo that will populate on all photo sizes.  Our software automatically places and resizes the logo on the 2×6, 4×6, and 6×24 print sizes.  The recommended size is 1800px wide X 1200px high.  
Acceptable file types: JPEG or PNG.

5. Full 4×6 Overlay
This option will create a new photo card experience in the “photo booth” app.  You are able to upload a custom frame or photo overlay.  Ensure that the overlay has a transparent background and is 3600px wide X 2400px high.  File type: PNG.

6. Postcard Overlay
Opens a menu to upload an overlay for the 4×6, 3 shot postcard layout.  File type: PNG.  

7. White Label Logo
Move this slider on to upload a custom logo for the app “home” button in the top left hand corner of the screen.  By default, it is set to the “Foto ATM” logo.  Suggested color is white and the suggested size is: 1260px wide X 300px high.
Note the “Foto ATM” logo in the upper left corner:

8. Prices
Adjust photo printing prices here.  Currently, the app integrates with Nayax card readers, Pyramid bill accepters, and multiple pulse readers, including Embed and Sacoa.  Set price to “0” for free play and event rentals.  Sections are as follows:
Mobile Upload: Price to print photos from smartphone
Photo Booth Postcard: Price to print 4×6, 3 shot postcard layout
Photo Booth Strips: Price to print two, 2×6 3 shot strips layout
Photo Booth Digital: Price to share photo via text or email.
Social Prints: Price to print from Instagram or Twitter Hashtag

9. Maximum Free Copies Allowed
Adjust this number to limit the number of printed copies allowed per session.  For unlimited copies, set the number to “0”.

10. Require Email to Print
Check this box to require users to submit an email to print a photo.

11. Enable Greenscreen (Premium App)
Move this slider to enable facial recognition green screen.  Upload any design or photo here and the photo booth app will automatically remove the background of the subject and replace it with your design.  This does not require a green or blue backdrop and can work in any environment!  You can upload up to four photos at a time.  Suggested size: 2400px wide X3600px high.  Format: PNG.

12. Enable Megastrip and Enable Photo Strip
Move these sliders to enable the Megastrip photo card (6×24 inches) and the Photo Strip card (2×6 inches). The artwork is pulled from “Global Logo” and automatically resized. ​

13. Select Hashtag (Premium App)
Select an active Instagram or Twitter hashtag from the dropdown menu.  Note* You must have an active hashtag in the “Hashtag” section. 

14. Kiosk Idle Screen
Select the default screen the app loads after each ad carousel.  You can choose between three different photo experiences.

15. Digital Product Email Messaging
Customize the email subject line and message body of digital product deliveries. 

Section 3.1: Hashtags

1. New Hashtag
Click here to create a new Instagram or Twitter hashtag. 

2. Select a Hashtag
Select an active hashtag to view and edit published posts.

3. Active Hashtag List
Choose active hashtag from dropdown list here.

4. Published Hashtag Wall
Click on any photo to select or deselect.  An “X” on a photo means that it is not displayed on the public kiosk. 

5. New Hashtag Card
Enter the custom hashtag here.  Note* Do not type the “#” symbol before the hashtag name.

6. Select a Network
Select Instagram or Twitter from the drop down list.

Section 4.1: Advertising

1. New Ad
Click here to open a new advertisement card.

2. Ad Card Edit
​Click the edit button to edit the ad title and content.

3. Name
Title your ad in this section.

4. Browse
Opens a menu to upload a graphic design or video advertisement. Video size should be <50MB.  Optimal ad size is 900px wide X 1300px high.

Section 5.1: Customers

1. Download Customers
This exports all customer data into a .CSV file. 

2. Customer Data
Lists customer data by date, contact (email or cellphone), event, and kiosk. 

Section 6.1: Analytics

1. Export to CSV
Exports all event and kiosk analytics to a .CSV file.

2. Kiosk and Event Analytics
Organizes kiosk and event analytics by date, amount (money earned per kiosk), App (arcade function printed), Copies (includes printed product type), Digital copies shared (email and text), User Contact (customer data), Event, and Kiosk. 

Section 7.1: Settings​

1. Twilio
Foto ATM integrates with Twilio for text message uploads and delivery.  Connect a Twilio account to enable this feature.  The button opens up a Twilio link to connect an active account to the app.